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October 14, 2021 2022-01-20 10:31

Get the inside track on trading.

Make your next market move with Signal Source: The most reliable trading signals provider helping you make smarter decisions across all major markets.

Trade with better timing.​

We combine the best of human-led analysis with powerful tech to perform a fuller exploration of the financial markets. This means that you can cut through the noise and get instant access to better trade ideas, quickly and easily.

How it works

Our algorithm traces smart money activity to anticipate the market's next move. So you can enjoy better trading results without having to put in all the hours.


Our experts find high-probability trading setups.


You get notified instantly with a verified trade idea.


Place your trades. Forget the FOMO.
Get the gains.

Better leads. Less guesswork.

Maximise your results with signals approved by experienced traders.

Each trading signal includes:

Ideal entry level

Buy or sell at the most optimal time.

High-success target levels

Set a likely profit target that's worth your time, risk, and effort.

Logical stop placement

Use an informed stop loss. No guesstimates.

Trailing stop level

Know when to start securing profits, so that you never let a winning trade turn sour.

Live updates

Manage your position with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

Elevate your trading

Sign-up today and gain your edge in the market.

Renews automatically. Cancel easily anytime.

Get boosted trading performance across all major markets.

Our scanner's watchlist is wide & varied, so you're bound to find unique opportunities across a diverse range of markets you're unable to keep an eye on.

Forex (Foreign Exchange)

Currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/JPY

Stocks and Shares

Companies like Apple and Tesla

Stock Indices

Indexes like FTSE and Dow Jones (US30)


Resources like Crude Oil and Gold


Digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP

Bonds and Rates

Markets like US Treasury Bonds and Bund

Achieve maximum value and
minimal stress from your trades

Get access to signals covering two different trading models.

For short-term traders

Week by week signals

Anticipating the week's direction, short-term positions are held for 1-5 days. This model is for experienced traders who don't want to set long-term or intra-day positions.

For swing traders and active investors

Month by month signals​

Anticipating the month's direction, swing trading positions are held for 1-5 weeks. This model is for patient traders and investors who don't want to set short-term or intra-day positions. 


Commonly asked questions

Is it easy to get started?

If you already know how to use your trading platform to execute & manage trades, you can get started right away.

If your trading knowledge is limited and you haven’t placed a trade before, you should spend some time going through the information available on your preferred broker’s website. Most trading platforms also offer a free demo account for you to practise on. (Take your time; we’ll be ready when you are.)

How long is a subscription?

A subscription is for 30 days.

I'm ready. What's next?

Once subscribed, you’ll automatically get an email confirming your subscription and instructions for accessing the private group.

How are signals generated?

To form trade ideas, our computers gather proprietary trading intelligence that uses multiple data points (including technical, statistical, and algorithmic data.)

When a new trade is found and verified, our custom-built Signals Bot notifies you instantly via Discord with a trade signal. You’ll see an alert on your preferred device (PC or phone.)

How do I receive alerts?

Follow the simple setup instructions sent to your email. When you register your details and log into the Discord app on your PC or phone, you’ll start receiving alerts.

I use fundamental analysis. Can signals help?

Yes, if fundamentals form the core of your short-term or swing trading strategy, you may use the signals to combine ideas and decide optimal entry & exit points.

Gain the upper hand with expert-approved alerts.

As a trader or investor, there’s nothing's worse than missing out on winning trades. It's high time you have a dependable source of trading signals in your back pocket.

Renews automatically. Cancel easily anytime.

Risk Disclaimer

All trading and investing involves risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Trading and investing signals are not financial advice.